• Trainer Open House Recap

    Trainer Open House Recap

    Amenzone has a unique culture all its own.  We believe that good health is achieved by starting on the inside.  When one has self-belief there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are the perfect supplement to a healthy mindset. Because of this unique approach, we also have a unique interview process. Our trainers are the heartbeat of our movement.  We look for people with the personality to make Amenzone come to life for the youth we work with.  We look for individuals who cannot only lead with confidence, but can double as a role model for the participants as well.

    Our trainer open house was away for us to round up those that were interested in joining the Amenzone Foundation team and learn a little more about them. We had each person come to the front of the room and lead the rest of the group through a quick exercise for one minute. The key focus wasn’t so much the movement, but rather how each person explained what we were doing, as well as how they managed time within that minute. Everyone in attendance did an excellent job. We were overwhelmed not only by how good everyone was, but also by how passionate they were about helping inspire youth to lead healthier lives.

    Matt Harris, Program Director of Amenzone Foundation introduction.

    Matt, insert caption here.

    La Mar Hinton, Executive Director of Training and Amenzone Certification examines participants confidence, knowledge and training abilities.

    Omar, Amenzone Fitness Trainer showing support.

    Participants demonstrating their kid friendly exercise.

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    Matt Harris

    Program Director at Amenzone Foundation
    Matt has worked with youth for over twelve years. His experience ranges from coaching youth sports camps, to being the Youth/Teen Director for the YMCA of Downtown Phoenix. Matt has also spent time working in professional sports, the events entertainment industry and most recently in the retail industry with Nike. He studied communications at Eastern Washington University where he also played for the ice hockey team.

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